Redefining Talent for the AI Era

In the age of AI, the skills gap is widening, and traditional talent models are falling short. Academy is breaking down barriers and creating new pathways to success, making tech careers accessible for everyone and empowering companies to build the diverse, agile teams they need to thrive.

Our comprehensive system.


Our AI-powered assessments harness cutting-edge science to identify hidden potential in non-traditional talent pools, looking beyond credentials to uncover the markers of success.


We design immersive, job-focused training programs tailored to your company's unique needs, rapidly upskilling talent in the technical and soft skills critical for the AI era.


Our comprehensive onboarding, coaching, and mentoring support ensures successful role transitions, accelerating time-to-competency and boosting retention. We align with our partners' strategic objectives and report quantitative ROI back to them.

Transform Your Workforce for the AI Era

Our comprehensive platform empowers your team members to reach their full potential and drive innovation in the age of AI.