We build your Tech Academy.

We find high-potential graduates.

Hire from a pipeline of diverse candidates with the aptitude to succeed in technical roles, regardless of their background.

We train them to entry-level.

Onboard talent ready to join your teams at the industry-standard E1 level after 15 weeks of full-time training with expert Academy faculty.

We turn your managers into talent developers.

Empower your teams to progress grads from entry-level to mid-level in 12 months and become a magnet for diverse talent.

Academy grads work as software developers and data analysts in 30+ top tech companies

For Graduates
4 months to fuel your career in tech.

Become a software developer and build a network for life at Academy.

Break into tech through Academy’s grant-funded 4 month intensive tech program and on-the-job support, no matter what your background is.

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For Companies
Build your Tech Academy.

Open up your tech teams to talent from non-traditional backgrounds and grow your own diverse software developers.

Our 3-step method is based on the pioneering THG Academy created by our founder, Ash Ramrachia, while he was Chief People Officer at tech unicorn The Hut Group.

Build your Tech Academy
Become a Mentor
Learn to lead diverse talent

Join an incredible network of next-generation leaders, develop cutting-edge mentoring skills, and enjoy the most rewarding mentee relationship of your career with an Academy scholar.

Academy mentors are rising stars at top tech companies and startups across the industry including Meta, Infogrid, JustEat and Ocado.

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