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Our technology pillar prepares you for your first software engineer role. Over the sixteen-week pre-employment training and throughout your two-year programme these are the principles that guide our technology pillar.

Metacognition and Independence

The most important thing we will do for you is empower you to “learn how to learn” — because this is what you will be doing at work and over the course of your career, in a world where technology evolves quickly.

That’s why, whilst we cover modern and in-demand technologies, our goal is not to teach-to-the-book on these. Our goal is to build your learning muscle, in a way that happens to use modern technologies, but — more importantly — empowers you to learn things by yourself.

We prepare you for this independence by giving you starting points (but not ending points), suggestions (but not directions) and metacognitive coaching (but not hand-holding).

Pragmatism and Adaptability

Software engineering is a journey of continuous learning, with new languages, libraries and tools constantly driving the field forwards. We can’t give you a complete software engineering education, because such a thing doesn’t exist: there is always more to learn.

That’s why we’ve identified some high-leverage languages, libraries and tools and built our curriculum around them. They’ve been selected to allow us to explore a range of transferable ideas as well as fulfil practical necessities of being in a software engineering team.

We approach these in a way where you’ll gain proficiency in these specific technologies but, more importantly, build up the mental models that can be used to jumpstart your learning in other technologies in a way that reflects the workplace demands of a modern software engineer.

Real-world relevance

Day to day as a software engineer, you’ll be working in teams, on existing codebases and delivering against business needs. To thrive in these conditions requires far more than ‘hacking stuff together by yourself in your bedroom’: it’s navigating a complex environment of people, constraints and processes.

That’s why we deliberately build in exposure to these environmental complications during your training: exposing you to the trials of unfamiliar code, agile software methodologies and complex team dynamics.

We plan these in at a formative stage of your career to ensure that your learning is always done in a way that transfers practically to a commercial environment, rather than being isolated in academic conditions.


As an open-source project, our technology curriculum evolves constantly in response to industry need, Scholar feedback and emerging technologies.

Programming Fundamentals {Python}

The Mark: Phase One covers fundamentals of programming, all through a convenient browser-based environment. You’ll build a small interactive game, using key concepts like flow control, variables and functions. We happen to have chosen Python, due to the simplicity of its syntax, but the concepts are ones you will take forward into all future languages that you learn.

Workflow Fundamentals {UNIX shell, git and testing}

The Mark: Phase Two begins with immersion in the fundamental tools and workflows of a software engineer. You’ll learn how to navigate around your machine via the command line, version control your code through git and GitHub, and write automated tests for your code with a test-driven development process. This is your first exposure to key tools which you will use every day as a software engineer and throughout the rest of The Mark.

Modern and Maintainable Code {TypeScript and Jest}

You’ll learn how to write modern and maintainable code through TypeScript: a popular, modern and rapidly-growing language developed by Microsoft. It’s flexible: you can use it to write both front-end and back-end code, in functional or object-oriented style. It’s rigorous: it catches JavaScript errors by adding in the static typing that languages like C# have. It’s in-demand: because of its flexibility and rigour, TypeScript is being adopted by front-end and back-end teams at companies like Slack, Airbnb and Google.

Front-End Web Apps {React and JSON APIs}

You’ll build dynamic user experiences with React, the industry-standard library for front-end engineering honed at Facebook, in the modern ‘hooks’ style. You’ll learn how to build reusable components with atomic design, build interactive experiences with state management, and deploy a database-backed web app that can be accessed from mobiles and desktops.

Back-End APIs {Express and PostgreSQL}

You’ll build a back-end with a database layer to complement your React front-end web apps, connecting an Express server to a PostgreSQL database. You’ll learn how to model data through database tables, operate with relational data through SQL queries, and deploy a RESTful server to the web.

Full-Stack Projects {Agile and Continuous Integration}

You’ll work in engineering teams to complete full-stack projects using an agile process: with development sprints, code reviews and continuous integration. You’ll work with existing codebases, large-scale documentation and DevOps tools.

Employer Ramp-Up

At the end of The Mark, you’ll complete a ramp-up period with tools and languages specific to the Partner employer you’ve been matched to for The Track. You’ll have learned a lot — and built up an amazing learning muscle, putting you in the perfect position to keep learning more over the next twenty months.


Academy Scholars are an emerging generation of influential and emotionally intelligent leaders. Our world-class Leadership Programme focuses on the soft skills critical for high-impact leadership in tech.

Personal Support Team

Hard skills alone no longer make you a high performer in tech. Academy’s leadership development cultivates key interpersonal and behavioural skills like influence and empathy to set you up for a rapidly accelerated career.

Executive-level Development

We’re bringing executive-level coaching and development to high-potential graduate talent.

Our leadership faculty have worked at high-growth startups and Silicon Valley giants. They are deeply familiar with leadership in action not just in theory.

They’ll bring a real-life context to everything that you learn. From day one, working at your employment partner, you’ll be able to apply your learnings and offer real value.

Ongoing Development

You’ll continue to build your leadership skillset over the full two-year programme. Working within a high-growth tech environment, you’ll put your soft skills to work to deliver lasting impact for your employer.


Academy's unique Performance Programme empowers Scholars to realise their full potential. It leverages theories of human motivation to encourage increased self-awareness and self-development through experimentation, group discussion, and reflection.

Realising your True Potential

Our Performance Programme centres around self-optimisation: the practice of continuous self-development. You’ll use a range of tools and exercises to unlock your potential and operate as a high performer in tech.

Building Meaningful and Fulfilling Professional Lives

During this programme, you’ll be encouraged to take time to identify what’s truly important to you in your career.

Using a range of introspection and reflection activities, you will work towards aligning your professional life with your values and motivations.

Forming meaningful connections between scholars

Due to the nature of the content and exercises, the Performance Programme provides a space to forge genuine and meaningful connections with your fellow Scholars.

You’ll get to know one another beneath the surface and be encouraged to share your learnings and experiences with others.

These principles are the foundation of Academy’s two-year programme. To provide access and training for outstanding and diverse individuals to build and lead teams, products and companies in the digital economy.

Ashley Ramrachia Founder of Academy
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