We’re launching graduates from all disciplines into high-impact careers in technology. The application is your first step toward joining Academy. We ask for your CV and for you to submit answers to the following questions:

  • Why technology? What have you done to date that evidences your interest in technology?
  • What have you done to develop yourself professionally and personally over the last year?
  • When, where and how do you typically do your best work?


Aptitude Test

We value potential over experience and academics. Whilst our instincts can be powerful and, in many instances, serve us well, hiring by “gut feel” is deeply flawed.

Whilst it’s almost impossible to remove all bias in a hiring process, there are ways to interrupt it. That’s why we’ve partnered with Thrive, using a selection of their aptitude tests to make sure we’re fairly assessing the attributes required to be successful in our programme.


Meet members of Academy’s founding team in a 45-minute video interview designed to uncover your unique strengths and potential. You’ll get to hear about our vision for Academy, ask us questions, and tell us your story.



Academy Nano

An invite-only virtual learning experience taking place over two days. Academy Nano is a free, immersive training in the fundamentals of software development.

You’ll learn to write code and build a real-world interactive web app that you can share with others. Here, we’ll make our final evaluation on whether our programme is the right fit for you.


Selected participants of Academy Nano will receive an offer to join our programme. This is a transformative moment with the potential to set you on a new trajectory full of opportunity. We’ll confirm your intake date and ask you to formally accept your offer. This is the start of your lifelong membership to Academy.

The Mark: Phase One

Phase One of your training begins with a five-week course (10 hours/week) designed to ensure everybody starts the full-time phase of training with the same foundational technical knowledge. Phase One starts on set dates throughout the year. You’ll be informed of this date when you receive your offer. You’ll experience project-and peer-based learning, meet your fellow cohort members and learn transferable concepts that will be rapidly built upon later.



The Mark: Phase Two

An intensive twelve-week programme in full-stack engineering, collaboration and leadership before you join your employer. This is our investment in you — a transformative experience, with no tuition fees and a grant to support you whilst you study.

This is a full-time commitment – the equivalent of 8am until 6pm. The Mark prepares you for the real world — practical skills, remote working and team communication.

During The Mark we’ll develop, through psychometric and values-based assessments,your suitability to specific employers. We’ll then match you to a chosen employer and you’ll continue your development in industry.


The Track

Once you are in full-time work with one of our employment partners you begin The Track. For the next 21 months, we provide the ongoing support, mentoring and coaching needed for you to succeed, accelerate and thrive in the working world.

You will continue to train part-time alongside your Academy cohort, whilst embedding, learning and growing at work.

Beyond the Programme

As you leave the programme you join Academy Alumni. A community of faculty, mentors and fellow students who support each other throughout their professional and personal journeys.

Over the two years, you’ll have:

  • Built an enduring high-value network through a formative experience with incredible peers
  • Developed high-leverage skills in software engineering and leadership
  • Accelerated your personal growth by being immersed at a high-growth tech company

I’ve found tech so personally empowering — I want to use that to empower others

Richard Ng Programme Lead
Meet Our Faculty
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