Two-year fully compensated programme

Our programme lasts two years. From day one you’ll be supported with a grant, and once you join an employer partner you’ll move onto a competitive graduate salary. This means no matter your background you can join our programme. You won’t have to take out any more loans or rely on family to support you. You’ll be able to focus solely on the programme.

Four-month upfront training and development

Our programme begins with a four-month intensive training and development programme. Here, you’re taught by industry experts and develop the personal development plan that will guide you through your time in industry.

During this period you’ll be matched to one of our industry partners where you’ll spend the following twenty months of the programme. You’ll continue to develop your skills during this time and have regular sessions with our development team.

Industry-focussed hard and soft skills

Future leaders in technology aren’t just strong technically. They are compassionate, emotionally-intelligent, resilient and collaborative. We’ll go beyond teaching you the technical skills you’ll need to work at one of our employment partners. Through a holistic programme covering technology, leadership and performance you’ll develop the skills and mindset to become a future leader in technology.

Personal Development Team

You’ll have your own team of industry experts, leadership coaches and mentors supporting you through the programme and beyond. You’ll get to know the team incredibly closely working through the development goals that we’ll establish together.

This sort of support is often limited to leadership level employees but we believe that it should start as early as possible to enable professional self-discovery and improve decision-making.

Diverse Community

Our community is tight-knit. Academy is an intense experience. You will collaborate with your fellow Scholars, while your mentors and faculty will be there to guide you through the programme.

We are a group of like-minded people passionate about what a career in tech means and what it can achieve. You don’t join Academy for two-years, you join for a lifetime.

A two-year programme that connects you to industry, fast-tracks your career and sets you up for success wherever you go.
How it works

I chose to join Academy to avoid a traditionalist career path, to broaden out my skills as a natural generalist, and to do something both exciting & purposeful.

Arya Tandon Founding Scholar
Our Scholars

Combining industry and education expertise.

Meet Our faculty
Our faculty and mentors are drawn from the ranks of former unicorn CTOs, FAANG software engineers and specialist software engineering coaches for high-growth startups.
It's a two-year programme with two pillars, designed to help you reach your full potential and become a future leader in technology
The Curriculum

Technical Skills

Training at Academy will see you develop as a ‘T-shaped’ software engineer. This combines broad technical knowledge and deep specialism within a specific domain. This domain will be tailored to the requirements of the employment partner you join and the tech stack they operate within.

People Skills

We provide you with the foundational skills and experience needed to level up, have an impact and to grow into great managers and future leaders. You’ll be equipped with the skills needed to lead teams and engineer great products.

I resonate deeply with Academy’s desire to completely reimagine graduate careers, education and software engineering talent as we know it.
Deborah Igunma Founding Scholar

A few commonly asked questions from our community.

Our Programme FAQs

How do you differ from a traditional graduate scheme?

Much like a grad scheme you are provided with a period of training followed by full-time employment and you are paid throughout; however, here the training period and full-time employment are separate. Training is centralised at Academy, and full-time employment is at one of our partner companies.

How long will the programme last?

The programme lasts for 2 years. The first 17 weeks are spent training. The first five weeks of this is part-time and the following 12 weeks full-time. After this training period, you’ll begin full-time employment and continue to train part-time alongside your work.

What will I learn during the programme?

Our programme covers three core areas: technology, leadership, and performance. That’s because we know that to have an enduring impact and to be a true leader you need more than simply great technical skills. 

During the technology pillar, you’ll learn the foundations of elite technical performance. We build T-shaped technical leaders, combining broad technical knowledge with deep specialism within a specific area.

Within the leadership pillar, you’ll learn what it takes to be a game-changing future leader. Here, you’ll focus on the soft skills needed to perform well in technical teams and accelerate quickly into leadership positions.

And finally, in the performance pillar, you’ll be empowered to realise your full potential. You’ll select modules based on theories of human motivation and performance and have the opportunity to take action to reach your personal goals.

How much time will I need to commit to the programme?

Phase One of your training (The Mark: Phase One) begins with a five-week course (10 hours/week) designed to ensure everybody starts the full-time phase of training with the same foundational technical knowledge.

Phase two of your training (The Mark: Phase Two) is an intensive twelve-week programme in full-stack engineering, collaboration and leadership before you join your employer.

This is a full-time commitment — the equivalent of 8am until 6pm. The Mark Phase Two prepares you for the real world — practical skills, remote working and team communication.

Once you transition into your graduate role, training requirements will reduce to the equivalent of a part-time Masters.

Will it be completely free?

Yes. In fact, you’ll be supported from day one of your full-time training. During The Mark: Phase Two, you’ll receive a Scholar Grant to contribute towards your living expenses. You’ll then receive a competitive graduate salary from your employer for the rest of the programme.

Do you accept grad route?

We are currently exploring this option and any updates will be available here.

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