Software engineering and personal development are two different crafts.

That’s why our coaches have backgrounds such as: building a ‘how to teach’ course for software engineers, coaching early-career software engineers at high-growth startups and training refugees and asylum seekers in software engineering.


You’ll be working in a top tech company for two years so it’s important to get exceptional guidance from those who have operated at a high-level.

Our mentors have backgrounds including a former unicorn CTO,  Facebook software engineer (ex-Uber) and double-first CS graduate from Cambridge.

Academy Network

Joining Academy gives you connections to people and companies that people work years to build.

We’ll connect you to our employment partners, investors, and friends in industry. Once you’ve been offered your place you’ll be invited to attend our events and even present some yourself.

The faculty at Academy support you every step of the way and embolden you to find the strength to step outside your comfort zone and reap the personal and professional benefits that come with that.
India Abbott Founding Scholar
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