Our Scholars join our employer partners after four months' training as full-time employees. We use strict criteria to vet our partners and to ensure our Scholars have an incredible starting point for their careers.

Empower young talent

We work with employers who understand the value of allowing talent to grow, flourish and take on responsibility beyond their years. It’s an environment like this that allows our Scholars to develop and progress.

D&I Commitment

We are on a mission to change the face of the technology industry and pave the way for more diverse leadership teams. Our partners are mission-aligned, providing the environment for anyone to have an impact and thrive.

Best-in-class Tech

Our partners are tech-driven. They use technology to achieve their goals and to scale.

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Why employers partner with Academy

Academy finds and develops exceptional talent

Our Scholars are exceptional. They have shown an ability to lead, have an instinct for entrepreneurship and innovation and a hunger to learn.

We bridge the gap between our employment partners and our Scholars.

Our Scholars
From incredibly diverse backgrounds

Tech struggles with a lack of diversity — we are committed to changing that. Our programme vastly improves accessibility to the tech industry, ensuring the next generation of leaders at our partner companies have a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds.

Provides world-class training

Our Training Programme prepares our Scholars for the real-world environment. It promotes adaptability, independent thinking and collaboration. A mix of technology, leadership and performance skills to fit industry needs and ensure our Scholars add value from day one.

The Programme
And a structured development programme

Our two-year programme represents a clear path to personal and professional development. With our faculty and mentors, Scholars are supported every step of the way. Academy doesn’t just prepare Scholars for a job, it’s the launchpad for a career.

To form a reliable, scaleable supply of incredible talent

As our Scholars succeed, our employer partners grow and will need to scale their young talent apace. At Academy, we are focussed on supporting the individual needs of our partners in the long-term. We’ve scaled tech unicorns before so we’ll be your trusted partner on your growth journey.

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