Demystifying Tech: a panel discussion with Isabel Costa, Dominika Malinovska, Benjamin Mmari


Thursday, 8th July 2021
12:00:00 - 13:00:00 GMT
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On Thursday 8th July, Isabel CostaDominika Malinowska and Benjamin Mmari joined us as panellists to share their tech story, their challenges and the reality of their day-to-day.

Some key takeaways from our speakers:

"Communication is such an underrated skill in the workplace. Being a great communicator is what brings it all together. If you don't write documentation properly, how can you provide context and hand projects over successfully? If you're not able to deliver updates in a timely and effective fashion, how can you collaborate? Collaboration is so much more about the people than the code."
"My biggest barrier coming into tech was self-awareness. When I was younger I used to look around me and think 'if wanting to code means I have to be like all the other CS kids, then maybe this isn't for me'. But you don't. And if you reflect a lot, reflections accumulate. Being introspective means you can draw your own picture instead of having to fit into somebody else's"
"A piece of advice: expand your network and ask questions. That uncomfortableness that comes from insecurity and not knowing everything already shouldn't be a blocker. Sometimes I feel misplaced but then I think 'I don't really fit anywhere else'. Just focus on your goals and on your knowledge gaps. Taking an extra step to learn something new means growth, and exposure to more people means opportunity."

These insights are super relevant to what we’re striving towards at Academy. In our 2-year programme, we develop people skills alongside tech skills. Self-management, working with others and communicating with impact are at the forefront of the agenda. Communication, collaboration and self-awareness will be second-nature.  And of course – our ambition is to connect Scholars to individuals across the industry, to build a network and to keep surfacing all these different perspectives!

Going forwards – panel discussions and fireside chats with keynote speakers will be happening monthly, featuring a broad range of speakers from across the tech industry. The aim of these events is to give Scholars exposure to a variety of insights and experiences to support and inspire them throughout their tech journey

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