Demystifying Tech: from fast cars to crashed cars


Thursday, 14th October 2021
12:00:00 - 13:00:00 GMT
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On Thursday 17th October, we welcomed Georgina Steele MEng — a strong advocate for diversity of thought in tech, a brilliant success story for how a Computer Science degree isn’t the only way to access a tech career, and incredible Software Engineer at Tractable.

Some key takeaways from our speakers:


Get rid of imposter syndrome by reminding yourself of how transferable your existing skillset is (eg learning fast, or being a really structured thinker). You may not have the same starting point as someone with a CS degree, but it's still a starting point.


From her experience interviewing candidates, the qualities that stand out most to Georgie from successful candidates aren't even technical! "Collaboration; a sense of ownership over projects; the ability to evaluate feedback".

Event recording

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